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howick prep school - grade 1 classroomHowick Prep School is the educational home of 678 boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 13.  These are crucial years in the development of any child and, as well as providing a good academic education, we believe in a holistic approach in developing the creative side of our learners.

At over 130 years old, the school is the oldest in the Howick area and has many achievements to its name, including helping in the development of a very successful Springbok Rugby captain, Gary Teichman.  The school made its first appearance in official records in 1904, although not on the present site.  The school as we know it today was opened on 24 September 1957 and the Boarding Establishment opened in January 1961.  In 1969 the Junior Primary School (Grade 1 – 3) was established. The two schools amalgamated in 1987 to form the Howick Primary School; the name was later changed to Howick Preparatory School.   

Educational Ethos
We encourage our teachers to become mediators of learning to inspire pupils with a child-centred approach to grow into compassionate, respectful citizens. Core values revolve around an ability on the part of all children to identify and solve problems, analyse and organise material, and manage themselves and their activities responsibly. Primary school encompasses the age where successful human beings are created. We would like to do the best for every child that passes through our school.